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Context Diagram

The basic principal of our cyber privacy and security solution is to protect the internal network. Our solution delivers a "Black Box". Inside this "Black Box" is open source software (eg. Linux Ubuntu) and proprietary hardware (eg. Cisco). The whole system is designed to provide and manage a high level of network security. At the core of our service is the implementation of cyber pricacy and security policy. High level description of our solution is depicted the below diagram.

High-level context picture

Figure 1: Context Diagram

Technical Highlights

The pilot project intents to be build the cyber security solution for schools using an OpenSource system (eg. Linux) with selected networking equipment. There are numerous economical, operational and technical advantages for using General Public License (GPL). An example is future capability to roll-out additional complimentary network services like eg. OpenVPN, LDAP, Radius, etc., without need to worry about software costs or licensing.

Key components of technical solution:

  • ♦   active or passive Internet filtering
  • ♦   regular update of blacklist blocking
  • ♦   central policies & filtering management
  • ♦   zoning with additional firewall/router
  • ♦   multiple logs for network traffic
  • ♦   sensitive data storage is encrypted
High-level technical picture

Figure 2: Technical Highlight

Key part of our solution delivery is to work with the public school to to minimize operational costs when increasing the level of cyber security. Where feasible we use existing solution and hardware, supporting the schools with implementation of enhanced cyber security policy.

For details see: ... under construction