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4blackbox Solutions brand is promoted, operated and owned by AARTKOM s.r.o.. 4blackbox Solutions is a trademark for service and delivery of specialized open source cyber privacy securing solutions.

AARTKOM s.r.o.

Dražice 24
294 71 Benátky nad Jizerou
Czech Republic


Detaild from the business register:
Identifikační číslo (IČO): 26457351
Daňové Identifikační číslo (DIČ): CZ26457351
Zapsaná u Městského soudu v Praze v oddílu C, vložce číslo 83539

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Meet Our Team

Picture of Marek Hencl

Marek Hencl

Education: Telecommunications Electronic Engineering
Occupation: Project Manager (Managing Director)
Knowledge: ♦   Systems Integration (interfaces)
♦   Networking & Traffic Analysis
♦   Service Delivery & Service Support
Special Skills: TCP/IP, Linux, HTML/CSS & Cyber Security
Picture of Marek Hencl

Marek Hencl was born in Czech Republic and grew up in Ontario Canada. Here he graduated with a diploma from Conestoga Collage. In 2001 after returning to the Czech Republic, Marek Hencl founded AARTKOM s.r.o.. For the past 16 years Marek Hencl has been providing consulting services in the field of ICT Systems Integration. Based on over a decade of experience in multinational projects, Marek Hencl has reoriented AARTKOM's business to provide comprehensive services for data privacy and cyber security. Today, Marek Hencl is collaborating with a team of talented experts to enable the implementation and operation of open source solutions that will increase cyber security at schools.

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Picture of Tomáš Nielsen

Tomáš Nielsen

Education: Graduate of Faculty of Law
Occupation: Lawyer / Advocate (Founder & Partner)
Knowledge: ♦   Electronic Communications Laws
♦   Online Business
♦   Legal Aspects of Cyber Space
Special Skills: ICT, Telecommunications & Copyright Law
Picture of Tomáš Nielsen

Tomáš Nielsen graduated form Charles University in Prague and is the founder and partner of NIELSEN MEINL, advokátní kancelář, s.r.o.. Specializing in ICT, telecommunications, copyright, media law, crisis management and financial transactions, Tomáš Nielsen is frequently lecturing about GDPR. In his legal practice so far, he was involved in a number of projects (negotiating for project parameters in respect of client’s security and contracts/agreements regulating large-scale implementations of IT systems designed for medium and large enterprises such as banks, manufacturing plants, etc.), represented clients in IT disputes, and provided consultancy services regarding regulatory matters (Czech Telecommunication Office, Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting, etc.).

For details see: Tomáš Nielsen's Profile

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