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Our Digital Pledge

We are making a digital pledge to activity demonstrate how open source tools in combination with affordable devices can economically deliver a high grade cyber security solution. Protecting data and the user privacy is at the forefront of our mission. This is why we are pleased to be a part of Digikoalice and to make a pledge that will contribute to improving digital literacy in the Czech republic. We decide to start at making a positive change at schools and focusing on spreading the education. Our project for 2018 is:

Project Activity: Open source cyber security at schools
Key Sponsor: Marek Hencl - AARTKOM s.r.o.
Mgr. Petr Vojtěch - Střední škola informatiky a služeb
Ing. Radko Sáblík - Smíchovská střední průmyslová škola
Main Activities: The main activity of the pledge is to:
♦   policy and governance for cyber security
♦   secured and protected Internet for users
♦   privacy and security of personal data
♦   improve level of cyber security transparency
Project Goals: Goal of the project activity is to:
♦   protect users accessing the school network
♦   secure & guard user's personal data
♦   managed inhouse critical infrastructure
♦   educational & safer access to the Internet
♦   open source community based computing
♦   skills and knowledge transfer (train & support)
Milestones: The time line of key milestones are planned:
22.11.2017 – publish project pledge & launch Web pages
31.12.2017 – finalize project plan & inform key stakeholders
31.01.2018 – project "Kick-off"
28.02.2018 – define methodology for GDPR Web scan
30.06.2018 – GDPR scan of 100 school's Web pages
31.07.2018 – detail technical pilot scenarios (solutions)
30.08.2018 – start pilot operation & scenarios configuration
31.10.2018 – complete pilot operation based on scenarios
30.11.2018 – "open source" results evaluation & presentation
Deliverables: Pilot realization will provide results:
♦   assessment – methodology for internal security audit
♦   policy – documentation of security best practices
♦   testing – privacy & security compliance Web pages scan
♦   filtering – recommendations & guidelines for Internet usage
♦   firewall – router configuration, management & maintenance
♦   logging – monitoring & management of security events
♦   server – in-house open source (Linux) box & applications
♦   encryption – secure transmission and storage of data
♦   support team – list of open source security specialists

We welcome all those who want to join us in help to fulfill the project objectives. We look forward especially to working with staff and students in improving cyber security at schools.

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